Dear Homeschool Families,

Welcome to the Olympia Junior Programs Season.

While the 2021 Virtual Season is *FREE* to all, you may be interested in the seasonal procedures for homeschoolers in a standard year.

Homeschooling parents may purchase tickets for themselves and their child(ren). ALL CHILDREN ATTENDING OJP SHOWS MUST BE AT LEAST 5 YEARS OF AGE BY SEPTEMBER 1 OF THE CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR. INFANTS ARE NOT ADMITTED.

Reservation requests will be honored on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis according to seating availability.  Homeschoolers may attend as individual families, or form a group with others. The description of the shows indicates recommended grade levels, though homeschooling parents are welcome to vary this to suit the needs of their own family. Please use the study guides and theater etiquette guide to prepare for attending and get the most out of the production. 

Reservations may be made at any time, but waiting until the last minute may mean that seats are not available.

Advance payment may be mailed to the following address. Make checks payable to Olympia Junior Programs.

Olympia Junior Programs

Attn. Cathy Heryford

P0 Box 1371

Olympia WA 98507-1371

The cost of each play is $5.00 per person.  I made directly payment and reservations with Olympia Junior Programs, not the Washington Center.

If you are coming as a group, please arrange ahead of time to assemble at Sylvester Park on the corner, then walk as a group to the Washington Center. When your group arrives in front of the Center, please do not walk or push in front of the lines of children who are filing into the theater. Speak to one of the OJP sidewalk ushers, identify yourself as Homeschoolers, and they will inform the OJP Homeschool Coordinator that you are waiting to be ushered to your assigned seating in the theater.

Parking is available on the street. You will need to find at least a 3-hour parking space.

If you need to make changes, please let Cathy Heryford know as soon as possible so we can adjust seating assignments.

Please feel free to share this information with any other Homeschool families who would like to attend.

Cathy Heryford, Home School Coordinator


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