Charlotte’s Web

Olympia Junior Programs is Proud to Present THEATERWORKSUSA’S VIRTUAL production of CHARLOTTE’S WEB from April 19, 2021 – April 25, 2021 through the following link The above link is specific to the OJP Viewing Community and only those with a link can access it. Please contact your school administrators to see if you need toContinue reading “Charlotte’s Web”

Waters of The Earth – Multicultural Tales of the Sea

Olympia Junior Programs is proud to present “Waters of the Earth” created and performed by Boxtales Theatre company for their Intermediate Audiences. It is our hope that these tales of humanity’s struggle to understand and grow from their interactions with the natural world will complement educators’ Earth Day curriculums, as well as their literature andContinue reading “Waters of The Earth – Multicultural Tales of the Sea”

Windowlight Portraiture

Windows as a source of light for portraits have been used for decades before artificial sources of light were discovered. According to Arthur Hammond, amateur and professional photographers need only two things to light a portrait: a window and a reflector. Although window light limits options in portrait photography compared to artificial lights it givesContinue reading “Windowlight Portraiture”